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12 Tips of How to Warm-Up Before a Workout.

December 13, 2017 Food

Warming up is the most important and indispensable part of every workout. Thanks to the warm-up, the risk of injuries is significantly less likely to occur, and your performance during your workout will be better. A warm-up takes about 15 minutes. Warmed-up muscles are more efficient, and the major training exercises are easier to perform because the body is prepared for them.

The following warm-up should be made intensively and considered as a workout:

  • Head rotation.
  • Forearm rotation.
  • Arm rotation.
  • Shoulders rotation.
  • Wrists rotation.
  • Torso swings.
  • Torso bends.
  • Hips rotation.
  • Knees rotation.
  • Feet rotation.
  • Abdominal muscles.
  • Back muscles.

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